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Muslim Mommy Dearest.

Germany: Four Iranian Muslims charged with sending Iran nuclear reactor parts.

CIA has given Afghanistan's Karzai tens of millions of taxpayer dollars in bags of cash with no accountability

Prime Minister of modern, moderate Morocco: Criticism of Muhammad "not acceptable"

Syria: Islamic jihadists still holding two Orthodox bishops, shell Christian neighborhood

These Videos Reportedly Show al-Qaeda-Linked and Hamas Terror Trainees as Young as 5-Years-Old Firing Pistols and AK-47s

AFDI Calls for Closure of Mosques That Breed Jihad Terror.

Former London mayor blames U.S. for Boston jihad bombings.

Mysterious "Misha" claims he didn't influence Boston jihad bomber.

Video: Robert Spencer: The Boston jihad bombings and the war on free speech, Southington, CT, April 27, 2013

Catholic priest calls on Catholics to kill Evangelicals -- no, wait...

Boston jihad murderer made girlfriend "wear an Islamic hijab and pray to Allah and slapped her when she wore Western clothes"

Eric Holder Ducks Congress’s Questions About Massive Terrorism Financing Trial.