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Obama wants Americans to stop clinging to our guns and religion WHY DOESN'T HE ASK MUSLIMS TO DO THE SAME

JUST DISCOVERED, ISIS Charges People $172 To Have Sex With One Year Old Infants And Nine Year Old Children (READ THE NEW PRICE LIST ISIS JUST RELEASED)

Obama Failed

During Crusades people committed terrible deeds in name of Christ! Obama, Are you defaming Christ in name of Allah?

Barack Obama wants to bring up the #Crusades of 1,000 yrs ago. I would like to bring up 9/11/2001. #IslamicTerrorism

OBAMA needs a history lesson regarding Christians and Islam! #Islam is NOT a religion of peace! #PJNET #tcot #lnyhbt

Muhammad's Star Wars!

Muhammad: Women are sent to hell for having periods. Heartwarming stuff.

ObamaBarsPress From #SecretMeeting With #AmericanMuslimLeaders This Afternoon -