Sweden: Muslim-owned shop refuses to serve woman because she wasn’t wearing a hijab?

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A woman in Sweden claims that she was denied service at a local Somalian-owned shop because she was not wearing an Islamic headscarf.
Soheila Fors said she felt as if “she had returned to Iran’s religious oppression.” In addition, she gets death threats against her family for promoting women’s rights.

This case highlights a peculiar problem we see in the West: feminists and deceivers such as Linda Sarsour ignore the plight of Muslim women under Sharia, including such abuses as wife-beating, FGM, forced marriage, forced covering, the humiliating male guardianship program in mainline Saudi Arabia, and much more.

What makes this case about Soheila Fors glaring is that this Sharia oppression is now on Western soil. This happened to her in Sweden, which is on the verge of civil war over Sharia and jihadi incursions.

Swedish Shop Refuses Woman Service For Not Wearing Hijab”, by Chris Tomlinson, Breitbart, July 27, 2017:
A woman in Sweden claims that she was denied service at a local Somalian-owned shop because she was not wearing an Islamic headscarf, and remarked she felt like she was back in her home country of Iran.

The woman, a well-known Swedish female-rights activist named Soheila Fors, said that she was out shopping for dresses and was shown some by the female retail clerk. Shortly after a man, whom Fors deduced to be the owner of the shop, spoke with the clerk in Somalian about Fors and her lack of a hijab, Fors wrote in an article for Nyheter 24.
“The woman turned to me and said, ‘Unfortunately, you can not buy it’. ‘Imagine going to a store and not buying food and milk,’ I replied. ‘Sweden is a democracy,’ she replied. ‘Yes, yes, it’s a democracy. I’ll get in with or without hijab’,” Fors claimed in her piece.
The experience left Fors saying she felt she had, “returned to Iran’s religious

oppression.” Fors left Iran in 1993 after being part of a movement against the Islamic government there. Since then she has been outspoken on Islam and women’s issues and has led her to face death threats from supports of the Islamic State terror group.

“They write that they know where I live and to kill my family,” Fors said back in 2015.
According to Fors, many people on social media have told her to file discrimination charges against the shop but she has decided against the idea saying it could lead to potential ethnic conflict between Iranians and Somalians in Sweden.

Instead, she has advocated a boycott of business that employs the same kind of practices saying that Swedes should not spend their money in shops which take such actions.
The two ideas of feminism and conservative Islam have repeatedly butted heads in Sweden in recent years. One of the most well-known and recent cases was when several feminists felt they were forced to leave areas considered “no-go zones” because of the presence of strict Islamic beliefs….


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